Coniston Stonecraft: Mastering Sustainability and Craftsmanship in the Heart of the Lake District

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Coniston Stonecraft, nestled on the slopes of coniston old man in the heart of the Lake District has long been celebrated for its exceptional craftsmanship and dedication to sustainability. In recent years the company has taken further strides to ensure that its operations are both efficient and eco friendly.

In an effort to minimise its carbon footprint Coniston Stonecraft has refined its sourcing strategy. The company now purchases slate exclusively from Cumbrian quarries preferably as close to its coniston base as possible. This localised sourcing approach not only supports the local economy but also reduces transport emissions whilst ensuring that the materials used are as sustainable as the products themselves.

Coniston Stonecrafts core lines of kitchen and house wares are achieving real traction throughout the Uk having been listed in Fortnum and Mason in London, Robert Welch in the Cotswolds and Booths closer to home. Their beautiful slate pieces tread a line between utility and artwork as the knowledge and appreciation of Cumbrian slate grows.

A hallmark of their success has been the unique labelling of each piece, detailing both the quarry that the raw slate originates from and the artisan who crafted the piece. This practice not only celebrates the skill and dedication of the slatemasons, but also fosters a deeper connection between the customer and the craft, providing a tangible and authentic link to the piece’s provenance.

Collaborations with independent quarrymen has allowed Coniston Stonecraft to hand select the most interesting and high quality slate. This partnership ensures that each product is not only made from superior materials but also embodies the natural beauty and uniqueness of Cumbrian slate.

Clocks, cheeseboards, signage, lamps, rolling pins, trophies place settings, salt and pepper sets, mounts and a whole variety of bespoke items, life is never boring in a Victorian workshops on a mountain, if you would like to contact them please do so.

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