The John Peel Theatre’s Robin Hood The Pantomime Opening Night Success

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Showcase Cumbria attended the first opening night of the well-awaited and anticipated Robin Hood The Pantomime at Wigton’s historical and award-winning John Peel Theatre.
 It was attended by all ages as well as the attendance Wigton Mayor Christopher Scott who all enjoyed the show.

Written by David Ross, this version of Robin Hood The Pantomime has all the hallmarks of a classic Panto but has it’s own take with lovely surprises and turns, much to the delight of the those watching. 
It pulls also from the story of Robin Hood but stands as it’s own creation taking recognisable parts of well-known stories, music and movies and rolling it into one, which is both brilliant and witty. 
It kept everyone engaged till the end, from the fun boos and to the awwws. There were plenty of laughs, clapping and smiles. (Even forgiveness, when yes, I didn’t managed to get the hints from the cast to find the ladder straight-away under my seat that was meant to be passed to the Merry Men for the rescue of Robin Hood- oops!). 
The cast were fantastic, their acting electric, the lighting and sound of the show was also second to none. 

This Robin Hood The Pantomime is sold out now for the rest of the week but there is still opportunity to attend the remaining dates for their Folk At The John Peel.
16th March 2024 Damien Barber and Mike Wilson

Together, Damien and Mike share an incredibly rich repertoire of traditional songs from around the country, as well as drawing on the work of modern folk writers such as Peter Bellamy, Ewan MacColl and Mike Waterson.

“Under The Influence’ is chock full of nothing but great songs brilliantly sung” Mike Harding, BBC Radio 2
2nd May 2024 Kathryn Roberts and Sean LakemanMore on them on

20th June 2024 Bryony Griffith and Alice Jones More on them on
You can book those shows and their other events on or call 07977 835094.Do give their Facebook page a follow too for all the latest

Wish to also thank  Aaron Cockbain, Joint Chair of Wigton Theatre Club and Technical Manager of Wigton’s John Peel Theatre for the invitation to tonight’s show, truly honoured.

(Pictured above: Mary Ballard from Showcase Cumbria and Ballard PR Agency, Luke Conn-Goodman star of the show, Robin Hood Georgia Campbell and Aaron Cockbain, Joint Chair of Wigton Theatre Club and Technical Manager of Wigton’s John Peel Theatre)

(Mayor of Wigton, Christopher Scott and Mary Ballard from Showcase Cumbria and Ballard PR Agency)

(Mary Ballard from 

Showcase Cumbria and Ballard PR Agency with Widow Hood played by John Martin 

and Luke Conn-Goodman )

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