Networking In Cumbria


The main reasons for joining the network was to meet other business analysts outside of their own organisation for networking, inspiration and knowledge sharing.

–        The type of activities the members would like to see included were events, guest speakers, socials, short skills sessions, discussing best practices/lessons learned and generally using it as a sounding board for sharing knowledge and experiences.

Spoiler alert: The event was a hit! Fostering connections and generating enthusiasm within the Cumbrian BA community, laying the foundation for a thriving community of professionals who are passionate about business analysis.

The positive energy and engagement witnessed not just during the launch but in the run up and following it, is indicative of the network’s potential to become a focal point for knowledge sharing, collaboration and career development in our local region.

There has also been discussions on collaborating with other Cumbrian network’s such as the Cumbrian BCS Branch, the Cumbrian IT Forum and the IIBA UK North Branch – so stay tuned for updates and upcoming events!

How to join the network

You can email, request to join the LinkedIn group Cumbrian BA Network or reach out to Sinead Torley, founder of the Cumbrian BA Network, on LinkedIn for further information or a chat.

We’re also looking for volunteers for guest speakers for future events, so please get in touch if this is something you’d be interested in.