Wild Soul Empowers Women Through Yoga Massage and Conscious CV Writing

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Wild Soul, a Cumbrian based holistic and soul-led wellness practice, is now offering Yoga Massage and Conscious CV Writing as well. These groundbreaking additions aims to empower women, ignite creativity, and drive positive change in the professional world and remaining conscious in doing so.

Why does Yoga Massage and Conscious CV Writing Matter?

Empowering Women: Wild Soul recognizes that empowerment begins within. By combining the ancient wisdom of yoga with the practicality of CV writing, women can reclaim their narratives and amplify their voices. It’s time to break free from societal constraints and embrace authenticity.

Creativity Unleashed: Yoga Massage taps into the body’s innate wisdom, releasing tension and fostering creativity. When creativity flows, so does innovation. Wild Soul invites women to explore their unique paths, infusing their CVs with originality and flair.

Breaking Patriarchal Barriers: CVs often downplay women’s achievements. Wild Soul challenges this norm. Wild Soul believe that every skill, every experience, and every passion deserves recognition. Your CV should reflect the brilliance that has been hidden away for far too long.

Holistic Approach: Founder and qualified yoga guide, Allie, brings a soulful touch to the CV-writing process. Drawing from her background as a freelance CV writer and HR professional, she holds space for women to explore their career aspirations. The result? A CV that resonates with authenticity and purpose.

Confidential Ethos: Wild Soul operates with utmost confidentiality. Your journey is sacred, and we honor that. Together, we’ll tailor cost-effective solutions to your unique circumstances, ensuring your CV reflects your true potential.

Beyond the CV: Wild Soul isn’t just about paper qualifications. Wild Soul invite you to explore confidence, inclusivity, spirituality, healing, kindness, and love. As your guide, Alex infuses playfulness and freedom into the process. There are no rigid rules—only possibilities.

You can find out more information by heading to their website My Wild Soul | Nature based yoga and creativity in The Lake District or emailing hello@mywildsoul.co.uk

Also give their pages on Facebook Facebook and Instagram (need your Instagram handle and I will add it in) and LinkedIn page once set up a follow for all their latest events, retreats and other wellness offering and opportunities.

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