Cultivating Sustainability and Tradition from Umbria to Cumbria

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Umbria Green Heart supplying local Cumbrian Businesses such as Lovingly Artisan Bakery

In the verdant valleys of Cumbria, a revolution is quietly taking root. Umbria Green Heart, a local foodie gem, is leading the charge in bringing the taste of tradition of the Italian region of Umbria to Cumbrian markets and beyond.

Founded on the principles of environmentally friendly stewardship and a passion for wholesome produce, Umbria Green Heart has become synonymous with quality and sustainability. Their commitment to gastronomic excellence beyond the Italian borders ensures that every product reaches Cumbrian tables is of the highest standard.

Umbria Green Heart Market Stand at one of the Cumbrian Markets they take part in

From the bustling local Cumbrian markets where their produce becomes the highlight of the day to the ease of online shopping, Umbria Green Heart has made it simple for everyone to access their range of products: artisanal charcuterie and pasta, fine wine, truffle products and high-quality extra virgin olive oil. Whether you’re looking for finest ingredients to grace your dinner table or the perfect ingredient for your culinary creations, Umbria Green Heart has you covered.

Their user-friendly website with deliveries all over the UK, offers a seamless shopping experience, while their social media presence on Facebook keeps you updated on their latest market appearances. With just a few clicks, you can bring the essence of the ‘Green Heart of Italy’ into your home, no matter where you are.

As Umbria Green Heart continues to grow, so does their impact on the community and the environment with sustainability at the heart of what they do and offer.

Taste the difference tradition makes.

Visit Umbria Green Heart at your local Cumbrian market or shop online today. The finest products of Umbria are just a click away. Umbria Green Heart | Finest products from the Green Heart of Italy

Umbria Green Heart Founders Davide Guerrieri and Marco Rapaccini
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