Nenthead comes together to save Miners Arms

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The Miners Arms Community Association (MACA) was formed to explore options for a

community buy-out of the local pub.

The Miners Arms, Nenthead, Cumbria has been at the heart of the village for generations, first

opening its doors nearly 200 years ago. It closed in 2020 and has not reopened, it is now for

sale. Residents of Nenthead came together at a special community meeting recently to discuss

how they might go about saving their local, the Miners Arms. Since its formation, the Miners

Arms Community Association (MACA) has been busy researching what is required for a

community to successfully take ownership of a local pub and reopen it to the public.

MACA completed a survey with residents to better understand local people’s appetite for the


“When we asked local people whether we should save our pub, the response was an

overwhelming YES!” said Simon Walker, Chair of MACA.

“The Miners Arms was a favourite of the village and a huge part of our local community. We want

to see it open again. It won’t be easy, but with the right support and the dedication of this

community I believe we can reopen The Miners Arms together.”

MACA has continued to research the possibility of a community buy-out, arranging meetings with

other successful community pubs and seeking support from The Plunkett Foundation – a charity

that supports community businesses.

A community buy-out requires significant investment. It is hoped that community fundraising

activities will raise a significant portion of the funds required, and there are options for grant

funding being explored by MACA. The intention is to form a Community Benefit Society and

issue a share offer scheme, where anyone can purchase shares in the Miners Arms, in exchange

they become a member of the Community Benefit Society and have a say in how the pub is run

in the future.

Simon Walker added: “There is a long way to go, and we are counting not just on the residents

but all those that visit our beautiful village to come together to restore this community asset. If

you would like to volunteer your support or have ideas for fundraising, we would love to hear

from you.”

The Miners Arms Community Association meets regularly, with members focussed on specific

activity that supports the plan to complete a community buy-out of the pub.

justgiving page has been established to raise funds for initial project costs such as registering

as a Community Benefit Society and setting up a share offer.

If anyone has any questions, or would like to offer skills or resources to help the Nenthead

community to be successful in a community buy-out of the Miners Arms, please contact 

justgiving – Miners Arms Nenthead

Facebook group – Miners Arms Nenthead

X @minersarmsnent

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