Brathay Trust Announces The Brathay Bursary to help 5000 Young People

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Teresa Jennings (middle) with Simon Fell MP (left) and Tim Farron MP (right)

Brathay has been at the forefront of youth development for decades. One of the ways they engage with young people is through outdoor residentials. Outdoor residentials are not mere escapades into nature; they are transformative journeys. “Research shows they support development in confidence, teamwork, wellbeing, and life skills”, explains Andy Watson, Chair of Trustees. 

However, more and more schools and families are struggling to cover the cost of residential experiences due to the continued shrinking of the public purse and cost of living hikes. 

But now, thanks to a new initiative from Brathay Trust, they aim to turn this on its head and support 5,000 more young people for the next 5 years to experience a life-changing residential at Brathay. 

The Brathay Bursary was launched last night (April 16th) at the Palace of Westminster by Brathay and Cumbrian MPs Simon Fell and Tim Farron.  

The Bursary will ensure these experiences are accessible to all. “No young person should miss out due to financial constraints” explains Teresa Jennings Chief Executive of Brathay.  

“Whether it`s scrambling up a hillside or canoeing on the lake, there are so many activities which can really help build confidence, resilience, and self-awareness in young people who might otherwise be struggling with their social and emotional development all supported by our expert facilitation. The outdoors is exhilarating, but it comes with challenges – mental and physical – that require, say, problem solving or teamwork. Learning these skills away from home in a new environment and spending time outside can help with young people who are struggling for one reason or another.” 

“But when money is tight, not least during a cost-of-living crisis, families or schools may not have the funds to be able to help children who are struggling with their mental health. And these children may not be able to enjoy the uplifting opportunities of the great outdoors. The Brathay Bursary hopes to address that.” 

The charity aims to source donations for the bursary through businesses and donations from those who can help. 

“Imagine the impact of 5,000 more young people experiencing outdoor residentials. It’s not just about them, it’s about their families, schools, and neighbourhoods. We all become part of that transformative journey. When you invest in the Bursary you invest in the future”, Andy Watson, Chair of the Trustees concludes. 

Teresa Jennings (left) with Aspiring Leaders Programme Graduates of this year, Jade Kieft (middle) and Garryck Spurgeon-Price (right) 
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