Keeping people and businesses safe & secure in Cumbria

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AJ Training Academy
Beth and Managing Director, Adrian Kirkbride at Carlisle Ambassadors 

What inspired the creation of AJ Security and AJ Training Academy in Adrian Kirkbride’s words:

I’ve been in the industry since 1989 & in 2017 a good friend of mine & the town was fatally wounded in an unprovoked knife attack. 
Overnight I decided that this would not happen again to the best of my ability, or would be hindered.
I founded AJ-Security with the sole intention of protecting & reassuring people & businesses that Assets & properties are safe. In doing so it would also be an intention to welcome tourist trade to Maryport & also encourage new or established businesses to set up in Maryport which may also increase revenue for the area.In early 2018 I managed to get all the boxes ticked in order for us to go ‘live’ and hit the ground running to benefit others, as well as gain a foothold in the industry currently covered with National security service suppliers.
What are you working on making happen for the people and businesses in Maryport? 
My aim is to employ CSO Safety Wardens to operate during silent hours & weekends and have a presence on High Streets, other business areas plus have boots on the ground in known trouble areas for ASB or criminal activity (minor or major).
The Emergency services are stretched beyond their means through no fault of their own and my vision is to fill a gap which would allow Police to concentrate on serious crime & incidents leaving my qualified & experienced CSO SW’s to deal with traffic management, ASB, minor call outs, incidents requiring minor 1st Aid treatment, low level 999 calls, as well as liaise with shop workers, vulnerable & elderly people plus report back immediately on a regular basis via radio or weekly/monthly meetings with seniors of the relevant agencies.
This has so much potential to benefit so many walks of life, as well as offer employment to some unemployed male & females who we train using the sister company AJ Training Academy, also based in Maryport.
Those who attend our courses, pass & proceed to gain their Security Industry Authority licence, AND who portray the qualities & personality needed to maintain the company standard and reputation, are offered an interview and should they still fit the description needed then they are offered employment and utilised among my already experienced security officers.
Helping reassure communities while also reducing unemployment figures and improving individual wellbeing and quite possible for their families too.
My spare time activity outside of owning a company & being a father & husband is to run & manage a boxing club in Maryport, renamed ‘Wilters Gym- The home of Nemesis Boxing Club’ in memory of my friend, and to keep his name alive. William Richardson nickname was ‘Wilter’.

I do hope after reading the above that you get a feel for my passion to protect, reassure & also help people & areas.
This is the tip of the Iceberg & there is so much more detail surrounding my vision. If you would like to help or get involved on how Adrian to get this vision happening, you can contact me via our website 


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